<Difficult spaces>

November 2, 2015

An inner loopo-research. a series of thoughts communicated as images depicting architectural structures. to be continued!   


<Difficult spaces vol4 :: Corridor>

*a place of informality*


<Difficult spaces vol3 :: Oculus>

*an oculus (plural oculi, from Latin oculus, 'eye') is a circular opening in the centre of a dome or in a wall*


Based on Filarete' s extract 

"there is no doubt that architecture was invented by man, but we cannot be certain who was the first man to build houses and habitations. It is to be believed that when Adam was driven out of Paradise, it was raining. Since he had nothing else at hand to cover [himself], he put his hands over his head to protect himself from the rain (Fig. fol. 4v). Since he was constrained by necessity to [find his] living, both food and shelter, he had to protect himself from bad weather and rain. Some say that before the Flood there was no rain. I incline to the affirmative, [for,] if the earth was to produce its fruits, it had to rain. Since both food and shelter are necessary to the life of man, it is to be believed for this reason that after Adam had made a roof of his hands and had considered the need for his sustenance, he thought and contrived to make some sort of habitation to protect himself from the rain and also from the heat of the sun. When he recognized and understood his need, we can believe that he made some sort of shelter of branches, or a hut, or perhaps some cave where he could flee when he needed. If such were the case, it is probable that Adam was the first."


<Difficult spaces vol2 :: Public Dormitory>

*city's dreams archive* 


<Difficult spaces vol1 :: Water House>

*living in a womb* 






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